Summer Hours
(Memorial Day - Labor Day)

Monday: 6am -2pm
Tuesday: 6am - 2pm
Wednesday: 6am - 2pm
Thursday: 6am - 9pm
Friday: 6am - 9pm
Saturday: 6am - 9pm
Sunday: 6am - 9pm

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours
(Labor Day - Memorial Day)

Monday - Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday - Sunday: 6am - 9pm

About Thriving Thistle Bistro


Our bistro is a place where you find people who are passionate about creating delicious food from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We have something for everyone. Our Bistro is a place for family and friends to come and connect, slow down, unwind, and enjoy some local flavors.

We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We offer health conscious options from our paleo pancakes, spinach salads, to nutrient dense smoothies. Our dinner menu offers gourmet pizzas and entrees. Some of our specialty entrees include diver scallops, shrimp scampi, perfectly seasoned steaks and your traditional baked or fried cod. Each of our menu items are named in honor of members of our community.

Thriving Thistle Bistro Steak and Brussel Sprouts
Thriving Thistle Bistro Pizza With Greens
Thriving Thistle Bistro Red Wines
Thriving Thistle Bistro Burger Prep
Thriving Thistle Bistro Smoothie
Thriving Thistle White Wine
Thriving Thistle Bistro Sandwich
Thriving Thistle Bistro Appetizer
Thriving Thistle Bistro Pizza and Beer